RTF Meeting: January 21, 2016 RTF Meeting: March 15, 2016
9:00 am

Welcome, Review Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Light
  • Today's Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes and Decisions for January 21, 2016
  • Voting Members Roll Call
  • Decision - Adopt Agenda & Minutes
9:15 am

Current Practice Definition in Guidelines: "Eligible End Users" vs "Likely Program Participants"

Adam Hadley
10:45 am

Proven UES: Exterior Lighting Area Lights

Christian Douglass
11:45 am

New Measure Proposal Review

Jennifer Light

Overview of RTF Research Process

Josh Rushton
2:30 pm

Seventh Plan Results and Updated Cost Effectiveness Methodology

Charlie Grist
3:30 pm

ProCost Overview

Ryan Firestone, Christian Douglass

Tentative Future Agenda Items & Upcoming Subcommittee Work

Anticipated in 2016 Q1

  • New UES: Residential LED Fixtures
  • Multifamily Calibration
  • Planning UES (Under Review): Weatherization -Multifamily
  • Planning UES (Under Review): New Construction - ENERGY STAR Homes Multifamily
  • Proven UES: Agricultural Lighting - Area Lights
  • Provisional Standard Protocol: Non-Residential Lighting Retrofits
  • New Standard Protocol: Non-Residential Lighting Code Compliant
  • Residential Behavior Programs
  • New UES: DHP for Multifamily 
  • New Standard Protocol: New Homes Standard Protocol (Next Step Homes)
  • Planning UES: Commissioning Controls and Sizing Single Family
  • New Measure Proposals