Existing Work Products

The RTF provides a key role for the northwest by developing energy savings estimates that utilities and regulators and rely on for program planning and evaluation. The two primary work products of the RTF are development of unit energy savings (UES) measures and standard protocols. For more information on existing UES measures and standard protocols, visit their respective pages. The supporting documents provides data and analytical tools that cut across much of the RTF's work.

UES Measures Standard protocols Supporting documents 

Whole Building Efforts

Video: Understanding Baselines

New Measure Development

The RTF sets aside budget in its work plan every year to consider and develop new measures on behalf of the region. Interested in proposing a measure for RTF development? Start the process by proposing a measure using the form below. This will start the process for the RTF staff to work with you to bring a well defined proposal to the RTF for consideration. 

Propose a measure form Proposed measures and status

Video: How a Measure is Made