Interested in working with the RTF? The RTF issues requests for proposals on an as needed basis to support tasks under its work plan. 

All qualified proposers will be evaluated and considered for selection without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, genetic information, or military or veteran status.

Request for Proposals - CLOSED

The RTF is issuing six requests for proposals to support work anticipated in its 2022 Work Plan. The RFPs below provide more details on each project.
You can find answers to questions that have come up in response to these RFPs answered here. Additional questions can be directed to Jennifer Light or the RTF Admin

Deadline Passed

2022 Quality Control Services


2022 RTF Minutes Services


Sub-Regional Baseline Exploration


RTF Workbook Update for 2021 Power Plan Findings


Exploration into Climate Files for RTF Analysis


Two Separate Studies on the Valuation of (1) Resiliency and (2) Flexibility




Request for Qualifications

The RTF has an open solicitation for qualified consultants. The RTF recently revised its solicitation and is seeking new (or updated) proposals from interested consultants. A new aspect required by this RFQ is completion of the Qualifications Summary Form. Proposals are not considered complete without completion of this form.

Request for Qualifications (updated 2016) RFQ Qualifications Summary Form (must complete with proposal)




Please review the Request for Qualifications and reach out to Jennifer Light ( with any questions. 

Past Proposals

The following are a list of past proposals that were awarded by the RTF:

  • EnergyPlus Front-End Scoping Project
  • 2020 Regional Conservation Report
  • 2021 Contract Analyst Services
  • ProCost Scoping Effort
  • 2020 Guidelines Update and SEM Guidance
  • Residential Building Simulation Model Scoping
  • 2019 Regional Conservation Progress Report
  • 2020 Contract Analyst Services
  • 2020 Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services
  • 2018 Regional Conservation Progress Report
  • 2019 Contract Analyst Services
  • Development of Hourly Profiles for Energy Efficiency Measures
  • 2017 Regional Conservation Progress Report
  • 2018 Contract Analyst Services
  • QA/QC for 2018
  • 2017 Contract Analyst Services
  • Quality Standards for Associated Capacity Benefits
  • RTF Website Redesign and Development
  • 2016 Technical Contract Analyst Services (closed)
  • QA/QC for 2016
  • Technical Contract Analyst Services
  • RTF Monthly Meeting Minutes Services
  • QA/QC for 2015
  • Technical Contract Analyst Services
  • Non-Res UES Schools Weatherization Measures
  • QA/QC Contractor RFP
  • Phase I: UES Measure Review
  • Phase II: UES Measure Compliance 
  • ELCAP Data Assembly and Conversion
  • Deemed Calculator Conversion
  • Procost Modifications
  • RFP for Technical and Management Services
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RTF Manager/Chair