RTF Meeting: December 17, 2001 RTF Meeting: March 12, 2002

10:00 AM    Introductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda

  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes for December 11, 2001
  • Set Next meeting date and location
  • Status Report on Irrigation Water Management Deemed Calculation Method   Discussions with PNGC

10:15          Presentation, Discussion and Decision on Proposed Revised Deemed Calculation Method? for Energy Star Commercial Food Service Refrigerators and Freezers andPower Point Presentation - Tom Eckman

11:00          Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Proposed Revised Deemed Calculation Method? for Energy Star Commercial, Industrial and Utility Transformers and C&I Low Voltage Transformer Calculation - Ken Corum and Ken Saulter

12:00          Lunch

12:45          Presentation and Discussion of Results of RTF's Recommendations for Establishing Savings for Individual Weatherization Measures - Tom Eckman

1:15            Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Proposed ?Deemed Calculation Method for Aggregating Individual Residential Weatherization Measures - Tom Eckman

1:45            Break

2:00            Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Compressed Air Savings Verification Protocol - Ken Saulter

2:30           Presentation, Discussion & Decision on De-energized transformers and parallel system conductor upgrade "deemed calculation methods - Nelly Leap

3:15           Discussion of RTF's Role in Development of Fifth Northwest Power Plan - Tom Eckman

3:30  Adjourn