RTF Meeting: February 12, 2002 RTF Meeting: May 7, 2002
9:30Introductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
- Review and Approval of meeting minutes for February 12, 2002
- Set Next meeting date and location
9:45Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Revised "Deemed Calculation Method" for Energy Star Commercial, Industrial and Utility Transformers - Ken Corum
10:15Presentation & Discussion of Analysis of Space Conditioning Interaction Factors for Commercial Buildings Installing CFL Lighting(MEDOFFEB1MEDOFFEB2ELEMELBSSMOFFELB) Carol Gardner and Tom Eckman
12:30Presentation and Discussion of the Council's Conservation Resource Assessment's Public Comment "web site" - Tom Eckman
12:45Presentation and Discussion of Proposal to Drop "Dirt Sensing" Energy Star Dishwashers from C&R Discount Eligible Measures List - Tom Eckman/Charlie Stephens
1:00Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Compressed Air Savings Estimation and Verification Protocol - Ken Saulter
2:00Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Proposed Deemed Calculation Method for Flat Plate Heat Exchangers Used for Milk Cooling - Todd Amundson
2:45Presentation and Discussion on Proposed Approach to Determining the Value of Stabilizing Regional Conservation Investments
Potential Changes in Market Price Forecasts - Jeff King
Proposed Analytical Structure - Tom Eckman