RTF Meeting: July 21, 2020 RTF Meeting: September 9, 2020

This meeting will now be a webinar only.  Meetings through the end of the year have been shortened to half days, to better accommodate virtual participation.

9:00 am

Welcome, Review of Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve agenda and meeting minutes

9:15 am

New UES: ENERGY STAR Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines

Gregory Brown, RTF Contract Analyst

*Presentation updated 8/13 with new analysis* 

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Adopt New Measure

10:00 am

New Measure Proposals

Ryan Firestone, RTF Contract Analyst

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Allocate Resources to Measure Development 

10:45 am


1:00 pm