RTF Meeting: June 23, 2020 RTF Meeting: August 18, 2020

Due to prior items running long, the Voltage Optimization Standard Protocol presentation has been moved from its scheduled time to the second day of the RTF meeting, replacing Lodging Guest Room Controls on the agenda.  With this update, the RTF will discuss Voltage Optimization at 10:10 am on Wednesday, July 22 and will likely not have time to for the Lodging Guest Room Controls discussion. Please review the presentation staff prepared on Lodging Guest Room Controls, which remains posted below, and reach out to Jennifer Light (jlight@nwcouncil.org) with any concerns with the proposed recommendation. 

This meeting will now be a webinar only.  

9:00 am

Welcome, Review of Agenda, and Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair
9:15 am

Sunset Date Extension: Residential Clothes Dryers

Jennifer Light, RTF Chair/Manager

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Extend Sunset Date

9:20 am
10:45 am


1:00 pm

End of Day

Day 2

9:00 am

Welcome Back

Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair
9:10 am

Small Saver UES: School Weatherization

Jennifer Light, RTF Chair/Manager and Adam Hadley, RTF Contract Analyst

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Adopt measure updates

10:10 am
10:40 am


11:40 am
1:00 pm