RTF Meeting: March 19, 2019 RTF Meeting: May 21, 2019
9:00 am

Review of Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve meeting minutes and agenda

9:15 am

SEEM Calibration: Updates and Feedback

Christian Douglass and Josh Rushton, RTF Contract Analysts
10:15 am


11:55 am

Proposed Measure Deactivations: Potato/Onion Shed UES and Slab Insulation UES

Jennifer Light, RTF Chair/Manager

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve measure deactivations 

1:45 pm

Council's Quantifiable Resource Costs and Benefits Framework

Jennifer Light, RTF Manager/Chair
2:15 pm


4:00 pm