RTF Meeting: September 30, 2008 RTF Meeting: January 6, 2009
9:30amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (40k Word)
  • Review and approval of Sep 2008 meeting minutes (90k PDF)
  • Set next meeting date - tentative December 9
  • Project Updates: Direct Gas Use, End Use Load Data
  • Subcommittee updates
10:00Discussion and Decision on Proposed Changes to PTCS Specifications (90k Word):
10:45Presentation and Discussion on Updates to Residential Appliance Measures for the 6th Plan - Tom Eckman
12:45Presentation and Discussion (90k Word) on Residential Lighting Hours of Use Study - Rich Arneson
1:15Presentation, Discussion and Decision on Small Compressed Air Analysis Tool - Tom Osborn, Paul Warila - Presentation (960k) and Excel(240k)
1:45Presentation and Discussion on Spud/Onion Shed VFD Savings Results-to-Date, and Decision on a Deemed Energy Savings Value - Tom Osborn - Presentation (8mb), Summary (40k Excel),  and Excel (40k)
2:15Presentation (870k), Discussion, and Decision on Setting New Baselines for Commercial Buildings - Dave Baylon
3:00Presentation on Final Laboratory Test Results of Door Gaskets and Door Closers for Coolers and Freezers in Grocery Stores, and Discussion and Decision of Energy Savings and Costs - Tim Steele - Presentation (8mb, updated 11/4) and Gasket Test (1.9mb Word)