RTF Meeting: August 5, 2008 RTF Meeting: November 4, 2008
9:30 AMIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (40k Word)
  • Review and approval of meeting minutes for August 5th, 2008
  • Set next meeting date - Tentative November 4th
  • Project Updates: Direct Gas Use, End Use Load Data, Distribution Efficiency Calculator, EUI's (30k PowerPoint) for New Commercial Buildings
  • Subcommittee Updates (40k Excel)
  • Cold Climate Heat Pump Analysis Request (1m PowerPoint) for Funding
10:00 AMDiscussion (160k PowerPoint), and Decision on (Marginal) Distribution System Losses - Adam Hadley, Subcommittee
  • Marginal Distribution System Losses Illustration (1.5m Excel)
10:45 AMPresentation, Discussion, and Decision on Energy Savings Potential and Costs for Wastewater (2m PowerPoint) and Water Treatment Plant  (2m PowerPoint)Improvements - Adam Hadley
11:30 AMPresentation (3m PowerPoint) and Discussion on Emerging Technologies (1m Excel) - Jack Zeiger, Ron Penney
12:00 PM


12:30 PMPresentation (1m PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers - Adam Hadley
  • Commercial Refrigerators/Freezers Spreadsheet (4m Excel)
  • Application (800k PDF) of Best Industry Practices to the Design of Commercial Refrigerators: Development of a High Efficiency Reach-In Refrigerator
  • PG&E Food Service Electric Measure Workpapers (390k Word)
1:00 PMPresentation (870k PowerPoint) on Test Results of Grocery Store Door Gaskets on Coolers and Freezers - Tim Steele
2:00 PMPresentation (200k PowerPoint), Discussion (870k PDF), and Decision on Window Replacements in Tenant Occupied Residences - Bruce Carter, Rich Arneson
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (1m Excel) for Low Income and Tenant Occupied Prime Window Replacements
2:30 PMDiscussion and Decision on Regional Deemed Savings and Cost-Effectiveness for Mission Valley Power's Energy Efficient New Homes Program - Tom Eckman
  • Presentation (1m PowerPoint) on Mission Valley Home Deemed Savings and Cost-Effectiveness
  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (1m Excel) of R10 Full Slab Insulation and GSHP in MVP Homes
3:00 PMDiscussion and Decision on the Applicability of the Provisional Savings and Cost-Effectiveness Values of Ductless Heat Pumps Installed in Homes with Electric Forced Air Furnaces - Jeff Harris
Discussion (60k Word) and Decision on the Adding Prescriptive Duct Sealing Requirements to PTCS Duct Sealing Specifications for Manufactured Homes - Adam Hadley
3:30 PMAdjourn