RTF Meeting: June 2, 2009 RTF Meeting: August 4, 2009
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (50k Word)
  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes (120k PDF) for June 2nd, 2009
  • Set next meeting date - Tentative August 4th, 2009
  • Project and Subcommittee Updates
  • Call for Server and Data Center efficiency expertise to help RTF understand and review deemed savings, M&V protocols, and deemed calculators
10:00 amPresentation on energy savings from VFD projects and Discussion and Decision on a proposed method for deeming energy savings – Tom Osborn
>> Pump VFD Summary (90k Excel)
10:45 amPresentation (1mb PowerPoint) of the “Expected Value Deemed Savings Method” and Discussion, and Decision on its acceptable use – Reid Hart
>> Decision Framework Matrix Report (460k PDF)
11:45 amOverview of Commercial Existing Building Commissioning and Presentation (3mb PowerPoint) and Discussion of M&V approaches – Dave Moser
12:30 pmLUNCH 
1:00 pmUpdate (50k Word) on Commercial Rooftop Unit Project Phase 3 - Mark Cherniack and Howdy Reichmuth
1:30 pmPresentation (150k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Subcommittee Recommendation for oversight of PTCS Service Providers – Adam Hadley & Subcommittee
2:00 pmBreak
2:15 pmPresentation, Discussion, and Decision on status of existing deemed energy savings for super insulated stock tanks, green motors, and agriculture sprinkler measures – Adam Hadley
>> Energy Free Stock Tanks Review (1mb PowerPoint)
>> Energy Free Stock Tanks Spreadsheet (3mb Excel)
>> Green Motors Savings Review  (350k PowerPoint)
>> Green Motors - Ind (2mb Excel)
>> Green Motors - Ag (2mb Excel)
>> Irrigation Hardware Deemed Savings (200k PowerPoint)
3:00 pmAdjourn
Tentative August Agenda Items
  • Presentation on BPA’s DEI Initiative
  • Presentation on BPA’s industrial “Energy Management” initiative – Rob Morton, Todd Amundson, Danielle Gidding
  • Direct Use of Gas Study Results
  • End-Use Load Data Study Results
  • Incorporate 6th Plan Assumptions for RTF Analysis
  • EnergySmart Grocer Evaluation – Lauren Gage and Ray Hartwell