RTF Meeting: July 7, 2009 RTF Meeting: September 15, 2009
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes (120k PDF) for July 7th, 2009
  • Set next meeting date - Tentative September 15th, 2009
  • Project and Subcommittee Updates
  • Update on RCP Report
10:00 amPresentation (600k PowerPoint) on additional savings data from VFD's on agriculture pumps, discussion, and decision on on deeming - Adam Hadley, Chris Helmers
>> Ag pump VFD data (2mb Excel)
10:30 amPresentation (2mb PowerPoint) on BPA's Industrial Energy Management initiative and discussion of measures and M&V protocols - Danielle Gidding, Rob Morton, Todd Amundson, and Mark Hamilton
12:00 pmLUNCH
12:30 pmPresentation (3mb PowerPoint) on BPA's Distribution Efficiency Initiative - Bob Helm, KC Fagan, Bob Fletcher
1:30 pmPresentation (200k PowerPoint), discussion, and decision on incorporating 6th Plan assumptions into RTF analysis and review of preliminary draft 6th Plan conservation action plan items (30k Word)  directed to the RTF - Tom Eckman
2:00 pmBreak
2:15 pmPresentation and discussion of draft 2010 RTF workplan and budget (50k Excel)- Adam Hadley, Tom Eckman, Charlie Grist
2:45 pmPresentation, discussion, and decision on deemed savings for LED traffic lights, commercial clothes washers, and agriculture motor efficiency upgrades - Adam Hadley
>> LED Traffic Signals Presentation (160k PowerPoint)
>> LED Traffic Signals Spreadsheet (1mb Excel)
>> Commercial Clothes Washers Presentation (250k PowerPoint)
>> Commercial Clothes Washers Spreadsheet (2mb Excel)
>> Ag Motors Presentation (240k PowerPoint)
>> Ag Motors (4mb Zip)
3:30 pmAdjourn
Tentative September Agenda Items
  • Direct Use of Gas study results - Global Energy Partners
  • Evaluation of Energy Smart Grocer Program - Lauren Gage, Ray Hartwell
  • Presentation of End-use Load Data Study results - KEMA
  • Report from Ag Irrigation Hardware subcommittee
  • Report from PTCS subcommittee
  • Report from Residential Ventilation subcommittee