RTF Meeting: May 5, 2009 RTF Meeting: July 7, 2009
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (50k Word)
  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes (150k PDF, updated 6/3) for May 5th, 2009
  • Set next meeting date - Tentative July 7th, 2009
  • Project and Subcommittee Updates (90k Excel)
  • Assemble a subcommittee to revise RTF residential specs to meet ASHRAE 62.2
10:00 amPresentation (1mb PowerPoint) of Grocery Store Strip Curtain Study and Decision on Energy Savings – Scott Moore
10:45 amPresentation (9mb PowerPoint) on Vending Machine Study Results – Doug Bruchs
11:30 amPresentation (250k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on revised energy savings for commercial fryers – Tim Steele and Adam Hadley
>> Spreadsheet (1Mb Excel)
12:00 pm


12:30 pmPresentation (180k PowerPoint) and Discussion on maintenance of PTCS specifications and Service Provider oversight issues, and Decision on how to proceed – Adam Hadley and Subcommittee
1:15 pmPresentation (460k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on deemed energy savings for MT Houses with ground source heat pumps – Adam Hadley
>> Spreadsheet (2mb Zip)
2:00 pmBreak
2:15 pmPresentation (600k Powerpoint), discussion and decision on deemed savings value for an Advanced Efficient Windows specification beyond ENERGY STAR – Dave Baylon
2:45 pmPresentation (140k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on energy savings de-ratings for “Direct Installation” CFL’s and CFL’s identified through NEEA socket count studies– Adam Hadley, Charlie Grist, and Tom Eckman
>> Spreadsheet (2mb Excel)
3:15 pmAdjourn
Tentative July Agenda Items
  • Presentation on BPA’s CVR Initiative
  • Direct Use of Gas Study Results
  • End-Use Load Data Study Results
  • Savings estimates for commercial existing building commissioning - Dave Moser
  • Incorporate 6th Plan Assumptions for RTF Analysis
  • Deemed Values for Occupancy Sensors