Video: How a Measure is Made

The RTF is always open to new measure proposals. The RTF reviews new measure proposals approximately twice a year at RTF meetings to determine whether to allocate resources to developing the measure. If approved, the RTF will work to incorporate them into the work plan. 

Every year, the RTF sets aside some budget in its work plan to develop new Unit Energy Savings Measures and Standard Protocols. The RTF relies on efficiency programs and other stakeholders to propose new measure opportunities. If you have ideas for potential RTF measures, you can start that process by submitting a proposal here.

What happens after submitting a proposal?

  1. RTF staff will work with the submitter to understand the measure. Among other things, staff are looking for a clear understanding of what the specific measure is and the level of efficiency program interest in offering that measure. 
  2. Staff will present new measure proposals to the RTF for consideration. The RTF takes up new measure proposals twice annually. At these meetings, the RTF decides whether to allocate resource to measure development. 
  3. If the RTF approves allocating resources to a measure, the measure gets added to the RTF work plan for development.
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