RTF Meeting: October 4, 2011 RTF Meeting: November 1, 2011

RTF Special Webinar

Agenda: Discuss 2012 Work Plan

The RTF will be holding a special meeting on Tuesday, October 18, from 1:30pm-3:30pm to discuss the RTF’s 2012 work plan.  This meeting will be conducted via webinar, however there will be space available at the Council’s central office for those of you who wish to attend in person.

The 2012 RTF work plan and budget identify three primary categories of work for the coming year and estimates of work for the following two years. Those categories include: 1) current measure review and approval, 2) new measures, tools, research, and other policy development, and 3) RTF administration and management. The RTF needs to identify more specific measures and priorities under these categories. The meeting on October 18 will be to:

  • Discuss the overall structure and objectives in the work plan
  • Review any public comments received to date
  • Identify the priority measures that are prepared for RTF approval
  • Identify new measures we develop for RTF consideration

In advance of this meeting, we strongly encourage all members, corresponding members, and interested parties to submit comments on the work plan. Your “wish list” for measures the RTF targets for data development and any priorities or opportunities for regional collaboration for data collection or research are encouraged. Please submit comments via the RTF’s work plan webpage.  The “official” comment period is scheduled to close on October 21, but it would be helpful to have your specific comments ahead of the October 18 meeting if possible.