RTF Meeting: August 30, 2011 RTF Special Webinar: October 18, 2011
9:30 amIntroductions, Review, and Adopt Agenda, Minutes, and Decisions[Presentation, Decision - Adopt Agenda & Minutes]
9:45 amHeat Pump Water Heater UES - Customer Satisfaction - Kacie Bedney (BPA)
[Presentation (300k PDF updated 10/4 8:45am)]
10:15 amHeat Pump Water Heater Provisional UES Measure - Kacie Bedney (BPA), Jeff Harris (NEEA), Ben Larson (Ecotope), Adam Hadley 
>> Workbook (7mb Excel updated 10/3)
[Presentation (320k PowerPoint updated 10/3), Review]
11:15 amBreak
11:30 amContinued... Heat Pump Water Heater Provisional UES Measure
[Presentation, Decision]
12:30 pmLunch
1:00 pmCommittee, Contract, and Staff Work Updates - Tom Eckman 
>> Measure Life Guidelines | Measure Cost & NEBs Guidelines 
[Informational Updates, updated 10/3]
1:30 pm2012 RTF Work Plan - Charlie Grist, Tom Eckman 
>> Review and comment on draft workplan 
>> Long-term Business Plan (220k PowerPoint) 
>> Scaling the RTF Budget  (120k PowerPoint)
[Presentation, Discussion, Potential Decision]
2:30 pmCommercial Smart Power Strips UES - Danielle Gidding, Lela Gallert (BPA) 
>> Workbook (1mb Excel) 
>> CEC Study (680k PDF) on Office Equipment Energy Use 
>> Smart Power Strip Energy Savings Study (Ross Complex) - Evaluation | Appendix A | Appendix D 
[Presentation (1mb PowerPoint), Decision on UES]
3:30 pmBreak
3:45 pmGround Source Heat Pump Specifications - Adam Hadley 
>> Final proposed specs (60k Word updated 9/30)
[Presentation (110k PowerPoint updated 9/30), Decision]
4:15 pmReview Next Meeting Agenda Items - November 1
[Review, Advise]
4:30 pmAdjourn

Tentative November 1 Agenda Items
  • Adopt:  RTF Meeting Minutes
  • Decision: 2012 Work Plan
  • Update: RTF Policy Committee and Council Meeting
  • Decision: Multifamily Residential SEEM calibration
  • Decision: Oregon Energy Star Home
  • Decision: Revised Standard Protocol Automated Conservation Voltage Regulation (CVR) Protocol #1
  • Review: Contractor Progress for Measure Life, Cost, NEB Guidelines
  • Adopt: 2012 RTF Meeting Schedule
Tentative December 13 Agenda Items
  • Update: BPA Codes and Standards
  • Decision: Manufactured Housing NEEM Specifications
  • Approve: Manufactured Housing Ductless Heat Pump Provisional UES
  • Review: Contractor Progress on Measure Life, Measure Cost, NEB Guidelines
  • Adopt 2012 Work Plan
  • Review: Standard Protocol Fan VFD Calculator
  • Review: RTUG Calculator Progress
Pending Proposals or Work
  • Decision: Engine Block Heater Controls Provisional UES
  • Decision: Add Doors Grocery Medium Temperature Multi-Deck Cases
  • Decision: Night Curtains, Grocery Medium Temperature Multi-Deck Cases