RTF Meeting: April 14, 2015 RTF Meeting: June 16, 2015
9:00 amWelcome, Review Agenda and Meeting Minutes -Tom Eckman 
  • Today's Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes and Decisions for April 14, 2015
  • Voting Members Roll Call
Decision - Adopt Agenda & Minutes
9:15 am

Manufactured Home Calibration Update and Sunset Date Extensions - Josh Rushton


Presentation (new 5/12/2015), Decision


Note: The following presentations were not presented at the May meeting, but are presented for reference. There is more to the analysis than captured in these presentations, which will be presented at an upcoming RTF meeting.

9:25 am

Provisional SP: Industrial Motors Pump VFD - Christian Douglass

Presentation (updated 5/11/2015), Decision

9:55 am

Delivery Verification: Acceptance of First Batch - Jennifer Anziano

Presentation (updated 5/12/15), Decision

10:45 amBreak
11:00 am

Delivery Verification: Acceptance of First Batch - Jennifer Anziano (continued)


11:40 am

RTF Management Items - Jennifer Anziano


12:00 pm

Proven UES: Grocery -  Display Case LEDs (Reach-In Cases) and ECMs for Display Cases Sunset Date Extensions - Jennifer Anziano

Presentation, Decision

12:05 pmLunch - Complete this Online Deli Order (RTF Members and Corresponding Members only)
12:35 pm

SF Calibration, Weatherization, and HVAC Measures QC Updates - Adam Hadley

Presentation (updated 5/11/2015), Decision

1:45 pm


2:00 pmSeventh Plan Update: Draft Conservation Supply Curve (updated 5/11/2015) and Action Plan Item Ideas - Charlie Grist
3:00 pmAdjourn 

Tentative Future Agenda Items & Upcoming Subcommittee Work

Anticipated in Q2 & Q3
  • CVR/VO Protocol

  • Res SF Wx, HVAC

  • Appliances - Refrigerator/Freezer Decommissioning

  • New Construction - ENERGY STAR and EcoRated Homes MH

  • MH HVAC Measures

  • New Construction - High Performance MH

  • Residential Lighting (LEDs, CFLs, Specialty CFLs)

  • Performance Based Duct Sealing MH

  • MH Weatherization Measures

  • Behavior Standard Protocol

  • Multifamily Calibration

  • Low-e Storm Windows

  • Thermostatic Restriction Valve (Shower Start)

  • Manufactured Homes HVAC measures

  • New Construction ENERGY STAR Homes MF

  • Weatherization Multifamily

  • Residential Advanced Power Strips

  • Residential Heat Pump Upgrades SF (New Construction)

  • Non-Residential Lighting Code Compliant

  • Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • New Homes Standard Protocol (Next Step Homes)

  • Performance Based Duct Sealing

  • Non-Residential Lighting Retrofits Updates