RTF Meeting: January 10, 2006 RTF Meeting: April 18, 2006
9:30 AM

Introductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
- Review and Approval of meeting minutes for January 10, 2006
- Set Next meeting date and location - Tentative date - April 18, 2006

9:45 AMOverview and Discussion of US DOE State Technologies Advancement Collaborative (STAC) Heat Pump Research Project - Ken Eklund, IDWR
10:00 AMPresentation and Discussion on Proposed Research and Demonstration Project to Verify Delta Q Duct Leakage Testing Protocol - Bob Davis, Ecotope
10:30 AMPresentation, Discussion and Decision on Proposed Modification of the RTF’s Residential Weatherization Specification to Deal with Safety Issues Related to Combustion Appliances - Bruce Manclark
11:00 AMPresentation and Discussion of Proposed Estimate of Future Carbon Dioxide Emission Offsets from Conservation and Renewable Resources - Jeff King
12:00 NOONLunch
12:45PMPresentation, Discussion and Decision on Proposed Revision to PTCS Duct Sealing Specification - Vern Rice, CEC
1:15 PMPresentation and Discussion of RTF Work Plan for 2006 - Tom Eckman/Charlie Grist 
1:45 PMBreak
2:00 PMPresentation and Discussion of Request from the Energy Trust of Oregon to Designate their Heat Pump Installation Specifications and Commissioning Protocols as Equivalent to PTCS Requirements - Tom Eckman and Adam Hadley