RTF Meeting: November 9, 2009 RTF Meeting: February 2, 2010
9:30 amIntroductions of New and Renewed RTF Members
9:50 amPresentation (46ok PowerPoint) of the Role of the RTF – Tom Eckman
10:00 am Announcements & Review of Agenda
10:15 amPresentation (180k PowerPoint) and Discussion on RTF’s CY 2010 Finances, and Decision on revising the 2010 work plan – Tom Eckman, Charlie Grist, and Adam Hadley
>> RTF Work Plan (60k Excel)
>> Gant Chart (70k Excel)
10:30 amPresentation (440k PowerPoint) and Discussion of the Final 6th Plan Portfolio Model Results, and Decision on the use of new avoided cost and risk premium adders for conservation measures – Tom Eckman
11:00 amPresentation, Discussion, and Decision on Grocery Store Measure Deemed Savings Updates: Motion Sensors for LED Case Lights, Efficient Coils in Refrigerated Cases, and ECM’s for Display Cases – Ben Cartwright, James Anthony, and Chris Rogers
>> LED Case Lighting with and without Motion Sensors - Presentation (2mb PowerPoint)
>> Efficient Evaporated Coils in Medium Temperature Cases - Presentation (4mb PowerPoint) | Worksheet(90k Excel)
>> Shaded Pole to ECM Display Case - Presentation (2mb PowerPoint) | Worksheet (80k Excel)
12:15 pmLUNCH
1:00 pmPresentation (1mb PowerPoint) of Results of Commercial Rooftop Unit Study – Mark Cherniack 
>> Performance Tested HVAC (2mb PowerPoint)
1:45 pmPresentation (5mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Updating Ag Irrigation Hardware Deemed Savings Estimates – Quentin Nesbitt, Adam Hadley, and Subcommittee
>> Worksheet (3mb Excel)
2:25 pmBreak
2:30 pmPresentation (2mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Updating Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer Deemed Savings and Cost Effectiveness – Adam Hadley
>> Worksheet (3mb Zip)
3:00 pmPresentation (240k PowerPoint), Discussion, and RTF Feedback on Evaluation Methods for Residential Behavior-based Programs – Bobbie Wilhelm and Lauren Gage
>> Draft residential behavior based programs methods (120k Word)
4:00 pmAdjourn
Tentative February Agenda Items
  • Decision on Evaluation Methods for Residential Behavior-based Programs
  • Residential Ventilation and Weatherization Specification Updates
  • Review (& approval?) of RTF SOW’s for:
    • Measure savings and life comparison and guidance,
    • Behavioral Measures,
    • End-Use Load Study Part 2
  • Presentation of NEET’s Review of the RTF
  • Deemed savings for duct insulation
  • Deemed savings for faucet aerators
  • Decision on Shelving Rate for Specialty CFL’s
Tentative March Agenda Items
  • Direct Use of Gas Study – Preliminary Results
  • Report from PTCS Subcommittee - moving PTCS management away from the RTF
  • Approval of SOW’s