RTF Meeting: January 5, 2010 RTF Meeting: April 6, 2010
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (60k Word)
  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes (90k PDF) for January 5th, 2010
  • Set next meeting date – Tentative March 2nd, 2010
  • Project & Subcommittee Updates (100k Excel) (and call for additional volunteers for the Grocery Refrigeration Subcommittee)
    >> GrocerSmart Redesign Project (750k Word)
10:00 amPresentation (710k PowerPoint) and Discussion of the proposed RTF cost-effectiveness methodology based on the Council’s 6th Plan Portfolio Model Results – Tom Eckman and Charlie Grist
10:30 am Presentation (245k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on RTF “final” review of Deemed Measure updates generated from the 6th Plan – Tom Eckman and Adam Hadley
>> Spreadsheets (80k Excel)
11:00 amPresentation, Discussion, and Decision on statements of work for:
11:45 amPresentation (190k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on use of a shelving rate factor for deemed savings of “specialty” CFL’s – Adam Hadley
12:00 pmLUNCH
12:45 pmPresentation (290k PowerPoint), Discussion, and RTF Feedback on Evaluation Methods for Residential Behavior-based Programs – Bobbie Wilhelm and Lauren Gage 
>> Draft Report (100k Word)
2:00 pmBreak
2:15 pmPresentation (1mb PowerPoint), Discussion and Decision on savings for low-flow showerheads in residential and hospitality applications – Ryan Firestone and Danielle Gidding
>> Draft Report (525k Word)
>> Calculations worksheet (2mb Excel)
2:45 pmPresentation (2mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Updated Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer Specifications, Deemed Savings, and Cost Effectiveness – Adam Hadley
>> Attachment (3mb Zip)
3:15 pmPresentation (80k PowerPoint), Discussion and Decision on RTUG subcommittee recommendation for NBI project management contract expansion – Charlie Grist
3:30 pmAdjourn
Tentative March Agenda Items
  • RTUG subcommittee proposal for commercial rooftop unit energy savings - Mark Cherniack
  • Review NEEA baseline/savings assumptions for TV’s, EStar appliances, and EStar homes
  • Deemed savings for duct insulation
  • Residential Ventilation and Weatherization Specification Updates
  • Review of mobile home duct sealing evaluation protocol – Tom Eckhart
  • Review and decision on RTF M&V Project SOW
  • Presentation of NEET’s Review of the RTF
  • BPA’s Emerging Technologies Program – Jack Callahan
  • Refrigeration Subcommittee’s proposal on use of revised GrocerSmart for energy savings
Tentative April Agenda Items
  • Direct Use of Gas Study – Preliminary Results