Special RTF Webinar: August 25, 2010 RTF Meeting: November 2, 2010
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
  • Review and approval of meeting minutes for August 3 (110k PDF) and August 25 (80k PDF)
  • RTF meeting dates for 2010/2011 - November 2, December 7, January 4, February 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7
  • Measure workbook correction - ductless heat pumps
  • Project & Subcommittee Updates
    >> EE Central
    >> Testing Intel's prototype calculator for server refresh
    >> Deemed measure and simplified M&V protocol projects
    >> Small/rural utilities project
    >> RTF operations subcommittee
    >> Residential subcommittee
10:00 amPresentation, discussion, and decision on RTF workplan for 2011 - RTF staff
10:30 amPresentation (2mb PowerPoint), discussion, and decision grocery deemed measures - PECI, refrigeration subcommittee, and Adam Hadley
  • LED lighting in open refrigerated cases
    >> workbook (2mb Excel)
  • Controller for walk-in evaporator fan ECM motors
    >> workbook (2mb Excel) | supporting data (8mb Zip)
11:00 amPresentation (2mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Deemed Measure for VFD on HVAC Supply Fan in Grocery Stores – PECI and RTUG Subcommittee
12:00 pmLUNCH
12:45 pmDirect Use of Gas Study: Input Assumptions Update (270k PowerPoint) – Tom Eckman
>> Supporting data (10mb Excel)
1:45 pmPresentation (90k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Updating Lighting Hours of Use Assumptions for Residential New Construction – Dave Baylon and Tom Eckman
2:15 pmBreak
2:30 pmMethodology (2mb Powerpoint) for Assessment of Savings from Proposed Revisions to Oregon Residential Energy Code – Ben Larson and Tom Eckman
>> Oregon code weightings (110k Excel)
3:00 pmPresentation (360k PowerPoint) on the regional conservation survey results for 2009 – Tom Eckman
3:30 pmCall for November 2nd Agenda Items
3:45 pmAdjourn
Tentative November 2nd Agenda Items
  • Deemed savings for commercial building retrofit insulation and window upgrade measures – BPA
  • Presentation of RTF website update – Council Staff
  • Simplified M&V Protocols Project – SBW
  • Deemed Measure Project – SBW
  • Measure Updates
    >> Ground source heat pumps
    >> Room air conditioners
    >> Residential DHW heat recovery
  • Presentation, Discussion, and Decision on updating Dairy VFD’s – Carolyn Roos
  • Floating head pressure on single refrigeration compressor systems
  • Energy Star homes using ductless heat pumps and Energy Star homes using electric zonal in Idaho and Washington
  • PTCS air conditioning commissioning standards
Tentative December 7th Agenda Items
  • Call for Subcommittee Members to help with BPA’s Emerging Technologies project on Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) HVAC systems
  • Measure updates
    >> Residential electronic thermostats
    >> Premium motors
    >> Residential light fixtures
  • Proposal for provisional savings for DHP’s in manufactured and multifamily applications
  • HVAC premium ventilation
  • Grocery Measure - Linear fluorescent to LED in walk-ins with motion sensors – PECI
Tentative January Agenda Items
  • Presentation of residential weatherization specifications updates – PECI & Subcommittee
  • Measure Updates
    >> New construction multifamily
    >> LED holiday lights
  • Grocery Measure – refrigeration compressor mechanical unloaders – PECI
Tentative February Agenda Items
  • Residential Ventilation Specifications – PECI & Subcommittee