RTF Meeting: February 22, 2017 RTF Meeting: April 21, 2017
9:00 AM

Welcome, Review Agenda, and Meeting Minutes

Jennifer Light, RTF Chair/Manager

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve agenda and minutes.

9:15 AM

New UES: Circulators

Adam Hadley, RTF Contract Analyst, Bob Tingleff, SBW, and Sarah Widder, PNNL

The RTF will consider a new UES measure for circulators.

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve new measure analysis.

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

Commercial HVAC Fan and Cooling Savings Standard Protocol

Adam Hadley and Josh Rushton, RTF Contract Analysts

This is an existing standard protocol that sunsets in March. The RTF will consider what action to take with the standard protocol. 

Decision: (Yea/Nea) Approve updates, extend sunset date, or deactivate standard protocol

11:45 AM
12:15 PM


Lunch Order Form*

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12:45 PM

Residential Lighting UES: Research Strategy and Shop Lights

Ryan Firestone, RTF Contract Analyst

This is a follow up to the RTF's decision on the Residential Lighting measure at its January 18, 2017 meeting. At that time, the RTF directed staff to develop a Research Strategy in support of the pin-based lamps and fixtures measures and to update the analysis for shop lights to consider T-12s in the baseline.

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve Research Strategy and updated measure analysis.

1:45 PM


2:00 PM

Small Saver UES: Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers Update

Christian Douglass, RTF Contract Analyst

This small saver UES sunsets in March due to a Federal Standard taking effect. The RTF will consider updates to this measure in light of the new standard.

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve updated measure analysis.

2:45 PM
3:30 PM