RTF Meeting: February 14, 2012 RTF Meeting: April 17, 2012
9:30 amIntroductions, Review, and Adopt Agenda, Minutes, and Decisions[Decision - Adopt Agenda & Minutes]
9:45 amUES Measure Review - Jeff Romberger (SBW) 
>> UES Review Straw Vote Summary (40k Excel)
>> UES Measures - Recommendation Memos and Workbooks
[Presentation, Review]
10:45 amBreak
11:00 amUES Measure Review (continued) - Jeff Romberger (SBW) 
[Presentation, Review]
12:30 pmLunch
1:00 pmDecision to Adopt Operative Measure Cost and Non-Energy Benefits Guidelines - Ryan Firestone (Navigant) 
>> 3/6/2012 Draft Measure Cost and Benefits Guidelines (300k Word)
>> Costs and Benefits Standard Information Workbook (20k Excel)
>> Cost and Benefits Summary and Checklist (70k Excel)
>> Protocol checklist
[Presentation, Decision]
2:15 pmDecisions on Standard Protocol for RTU Fan and Cooling Savings - Mark Cherniack (NBI) 
>> 3/7/12 Draft RTU Standard Protocol (200k Word) 
>> Calculator Instructions (20k Word)
>> List of errata
[Presentation, Decision]
3:15 pmBreak
3:30 pmFirst Look at Custom Protocol and Program Impact Evaluation Guidelines - Mike Baker (SBW)
>> 3/8/12 Draft Appendix D: Estimating Savings for Custom Protocol Measures
>> 3/7/2012 Draft Appendix E: Program Impact Evaluation Protocols
[Presentation, Review]
4:30 pmStaff Updates and Next Meeting Agenda Items - Tom Eckman
[Review, Advise]
4:45 pmAdjourn
Tentative Future Agenda Items
  • First Review of Measure Life Guidelines
  • CVR Protocol # 1
  • New UES Measure - New High Performance Manufactured Home w/ DHP
  • Fan VFD Protocol
  • Decision on Custom Protocol and Program Impact Evaluation Guidelines
  • RTF Petition Page
  • UES Measure Reviews:  Decisions on Measures' Status
  • Decision on Measure Life Guidelines
  • Review Results of MF Calibration