RTF Meeting: February 1, 2011 RTF Webinar: March 10, 2011
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
  • Review and approval of meeting minutes (revised 3/1/2011, 60k PDF) for February 1, 2011
  • RTF meeting dates for 2011 - April 5, May 3, June 1 (Wednesday), June 28 or July 5, August 2, August 30 or September 6, October 4, November 1, November 29 or December 13
  • Project & Subcommittee Updates
    >> Small/rural utilities Project
    >> Residential Wx & Ventilation
    >> PTCS
    >> GSHP
    >> Grocery Refrigeration
    >> RTF Operations 
    >> Domestic Heating Fuel Choice study (aka DUG) - We will be holding a seperate webinar to review the final input assumptions and scenarios and review preliminary results. This will likely take place in early March.
  • Measure Workbook Updates 
    >> Error (10k Excel) corrected in Manufactured Home Duct Sealing measure workbook 
    >> Added a 0.94 EF 45 to 55 gallon measure to Res and Commercial water heater workbooks
10:00 amUpdate on RTF Review Committee Recommendations - Bill Drummond
10:15 amPresentation and Discussion on the 3rd revision of the “Guidelines For The Development and Maintenance of RTF-Approved Measure Savings Estimates” [Revised guidelines (2/25) and materials are posted on subcommittee webpage]
  • Discussion and decision on whether the guidelines are ready to forward to the RTF Advisory Committee for consideration
  • Discussion and decision on provisional use of the guidelines
  • Discussion of work plan for further legacy measure review
11:15 amPresentation (240k PowerPoint) of Recent Studies of Network PC Control and discussion of Deemed Measure eligibility – Kathy Hile, Tom Lienhard, and Charlie Grist 
>> Cadmus slides (2mb PowerPoint)
>> Avista slides (125k PowerPoint)
>> Data comparison (210k Excel)
12:00 pmLUNCH
12:30 pmPresentation (560k PowerPoint) and Discussion of RTUG Standard Protocol – Mark Cherniack, Howard Reichmuth, and Charlie Grist
>> Appendix B (60k Word) 
>> Single unit template (6mb Excel)
1:45 pmBreak
2:00 pmRequest (updated 2/28, 2mb PowerPoint) for RTF input on analysis for new Industrial Motors (1 or more NEMA band above NEMA Premium) deemed UES and costs - Nick O’Neil
>> Calculations (updated 2/28, 3mb Excel)
2:45 pmPresentation (210k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Status of Residential Deemed Measures – Adam Hadley
>> Supporting files (1mb Zip)
  • Room Air Conditioners
  • LED Holiday Lights
  • New Construction Multifamily
3:15 pmCall for April 5th Agenda Items
3:30 pmAdjourn
Tentative April 5th Agenda Items
  • Introduction of New RTF Staff Member
  • Decision on RTUG Standard Protocol
  • Review 2011 RTF Workplan and New Project SOW’s
  • Review of PECI’s GrocerSmart 4.0 savings calculation software
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Residential Weatherization and Ventilation Specifications – PECI & Subcommittee
  • Residential DHW Heat Recovery
  • Decision on Provisional Measure for Residential LED Downlights
  • Subcommittee Presentations on Standard Protocols