RTF Meeting: May 4, 2010 RTF Meeting: June 29, 2010
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
  • Review and approval of meeting minutes (110k PDF) for May 4th, 2010
  • Reminder- Revised RTF Meeting Dates for 2010 - June 29,  August 3,  September 28, November 2, December 7
  • Project & Subcommittee Updates 
    >> EE Central Update (170k PowerPoint)
10:00 amPresentation (740k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on updating Residential Weatherization deemed savings – Tom Eckman, David Baylon, and Adam Hadley
>> Supporting file (16mb Excel)
10:45 amPresentation (590k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on setting the baseline efficiency level for Televisions in NEEA’s program – Christina Steinhoff, Greg Hardy, and Tom Eckman
11:30 amPresentation (520k PowerPoint) of PECI’s updated GrocerSmart 4.0 Software for use in determining energy savings for refrigeration measures in grocery stores – Jeremy Litow and Subcommittee
12:30 pmLUNCH 
1:30 pmPresentation (1mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on deeming efficient water heaters in commercial applications – Ryan Firestone and Danielle Gidding 
>> Workbook (4mb Excel)
2:30 pmPresentation and Discussion on 6th Plan Transition of Deemed Measures - BPA Staff
>> Memo (180k PDF)
3:00 pmAdjourn
Tentative June 29 Agenda Items
  • Energy Star New Homes Specs and savings for ID, MT, and WA
  • Deemed measures for Residential Duct Insulation
  • Direct Use of Gas Study – Preliminary Results
  • Review of deemed measures: Industrial Motors, Scientific Irrigation Scheduling
  • Approval of the use of PECI’s GrocerSmart software to determine energy savings
  • Deemed savings for LED lighting in open cases in grocery stores
  • Decision on refrigerator recycling savings
Tentative August 3 Agenda Items
  • Review of deemed savings for Dairy VFD’s – Carolyn Roos
  • Weatherization Deemed Savings Results