RTF Meeting: September 14, 1999

1. Introductions

2. Background: What's the RTF supposed to do and why.

  • Congressional directive
  • Comprehensive Review recommendations
  • Support of Bonneville's Conservation and Renewables rate discount

3. RTF Charter, Organization and Protocols

  • RTF decision-making process
  • Meeting protocol and schedule
  • Expectations of the members
  • Staffing and expectations of the staff

4. Discussion of "Critical Path" Items

  • Conservation
  • Renewables

5. Discuss key issues and general approach to resolving them, e.g.

  • Role of cost-effectiveness or power system value estimates
  • Baseline: What's current practice?
  • Reporting requirements
  • Attribution: Who gets credit for consumer actions?
  • Derivation of saving/output estimates
  • Managing "the list" (timing and process for additions & removals, level of detail)

6. Discussion of workplan, staffing and timeline

7. Adjourn