RTF Meeting: April 29, 2008 RTF Meeting: August 5, 2008
9:30 AM

Introductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (40k Word)

  • Review and approval of meeting minutes for May 27th, 2008
  • Set next meeting date - Tentative August 5
  • Subcommittee (45k Excel) Updates
  • New subcommittee to review RFP responses for Gas Use Study
  • Energy Star Window Specification Change
9:50 AM

Decision on Distribution Efficiency Initiative Funding - Adam Hadley

10:00 AM

Presentation (400k PowerPoint) on a Potential PTCS Duct Sealing Process Evaluation, an Opportunity to Leverage California Funding - Reid Hart

10:30 AM

Presentation (130k PowerPoint) and Discussion on Specifications for Moving the Ducts Inside in New Construction - Adam Hadley, Mark Johnson

  • Crawlspace Design for Marine and Cold Climates - ASHRAE Paper (230k PDF)
  • Green Production Building - Moving Ducts Inside (400k PDF)
  • ACEEE Summer Study Paper (625k Word) on Moving Ducts Inside
  • Preliminary Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Locating HVAC System Inside
11:00 AM

Presentation (4m PowerPoint) on Update to Solid State Lighting Measures for the 6th Plan - Charlie Grist

11:45 AM


12:15 PM

Presentation (320k PowerPoint) on Update to Generic Assumptions for the Draft 6th Plan - Tom Eckman, Charlie Grist

  • Discount Rate
  • Source of Utility Funding of Conservation Investments (Debt Financing vs. Expense)
  • Marginal CO2 Content
  • Avoided Electricity and Gas Costs
  • Transmission and Distribution System Losses
  • Deferred Cost of Transmission and Distribution
  • Council Staff Issue Paper (180k PDF) on Discount Rate and Financing Cost
  • EEI Study (440k PDF) on Increasing Generation, Transmission and Distribution Costs
  • Analysis (25k Excel) of Marginal Distribution System Losses on Burbank, CA System
1:45 PM

Presentation (730k PowerPoint), Discussion (5m Excel), and Decision on Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers - Adam Hadley

2:15 PM

Presentation (7m PowerPoint), Discussion and Decision on Grocery Store Measure Revisions - PECI

  • LED Case Lighting in Medium Temperature Cases
  • Shaded Pole to PSC Evaporator Fan Motors
  • Install Doors on Medium Temp Open Walk-In Case
2:45 PM

Presentation (1m PowerPoint) and Discussion on Developing Deemed Values for Economizers and Other Measures for Commercial Packaged Roof Top HVAC Equipment - Stan Price, David Baylon

3:30 PM