RTF Meeting: January 8, 2008 RTF Meeting: March 25, 2008
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda
  • Review and approval meeting minutes (30k PDF) from January 2008
  • Set next meeting date (March 4 or 25)
9:45Presentation, Discussion and Decision on Final Revision to PTCS Service Provider Standards - Bruce Manclark/Ken Eklund
10:45Presentation on Results of NEEA Distribution Efficiency Initiative Research - Andy Ekman - NEEA/K. C. Fagen - R.W. Beck
12:30Presentation and Discussion of Deemed Savings Estimate for Revise Builder Option Package (110k Word) for Energy Star homes in Oregon - Anne Brink/Dave Baylon
1:00Presentation, Discussion and Decision Final Revisions (1mb Excel) to Cost-Effectiveness for PTCS Heat Pump (535k Excel), Duct Sealing (5.8mb Excel) and System Commissioning - Tom Eckman
1:45Presentation and Discussion on Petition to Establish a Heating Climate Zone 4 - Tom Eckman/Mark Johnson/Adam Hadley
2:15Presentation (110k PowerPoint), Discussion and Decision on Proposed Deemed or Deemed Calculated Savings and Cost-Effectiveness LED Recessed Can Lights (8mb Excel) in Commercial Applications - Charlie Grist
2:30Presentation, Discussion and Decision on Faronics Network Controller (120k PowerPoint) - Charlie Grist/Adam Hadley
3:00Presentation (220k PowerPoint), Discussion and Decision on Potential Revision to Remaining Measure Life Assumptions for Refrigerator/Freezer Early Retirement & Recycling (740k Excel) - Tom Eckman