RTF Meeting: January 6, 2009 RTF Meeting: March 2, 2009
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (40k Word)
  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes
  • Set next meeting date - Tentative Monday March 2nd, 2009
  • Project and Subcommittee Updates: Direct Gas Use, End Use Load Data, OSU IAC Motors Database, Rooftop HVAC, Industrial Conservation Assessment, NEET Draft Recommendations (150k PowerPoint) on the RTF
10:00 amReview (600k PowerPoint) of Rooftop HVAC Savings and Research Project Findings and Recommendations - Mark Cherniack and Howdy Reichmuth
10:45 amPresentation (1mb PowerPoint) and Discussion of Independent Evaluation Results of a Manufactured Housing Duct Sealing Pilot - Tom Eckhart, Howard Reichmuth, Jill Steiner
11:15 amPresentation (10mb PowerPoint) and Discussion of the Dreamwatts Technology for Auditing, M&V, and Data Collection - Dan Russell and Tom Foley
12:00 pmLUNCH
12:30 pmReview and Input for 2009 RTF Work Plan - Adam Hadley
>> Draft 2009 Work Plan Matrix (70k Word)
>> 2008 RTF Business Plan (80k Word)
>> 2008 Work Plan Matrix (90k Word)
1:00 pmPresentation (4mb PowerPoint) and Discussion of Commercial Conservation Assessment for the Sixth Power Plan - Charlie Grist
2:30 pmPresentation (7mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and RTF Recommendation on Grocery Store LED Case Light Motion Sensors Study Design - Stephen Achilles
2:45 pmPresentation (800k PowerPoint) and Discussion of Progress to Date and Baseline Assumptions for the Commercial Cooking Measure Analysis - Tim Steele, Dave Frank, and Le Tran
3:30 pmAdjourn