RTF Meeting: November 10, 2020 RTF Meeting: January 20, 2021

This meeting will now be a webinar only.

9:00 AM

Welcome, Review of Agenda and Minutes

Jennifer Light, RTF Chair/Manager
9:15 AM

Residential Connected Thermostat UES - Sunset Date Extension

Jennifer Light - RTF Chair/Manager

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve sunset date extension

11:00 AM


11:30 AM

Proven UES: Residential Clothes Dryers

Ryan Firestone, RTF Contract Analyst

Presentation posted with 9:20 agenda item

Decision: (Yea/Nay) Approve updates to measure analysis

12:00 PM

Look Ahead to 2021

Jennifer Light, RTF Chair/Manager

Not a decision item. This will be a preview of 2021, with a focus on Q1.

12:15 PM

End of Year RTF Member Share Out

RTF Members and CAT

Sharing is Caring!!

1:00 PM