RTF Meeting: June 29, 2010 Special RTF Webinar: August 25, 2010
9:30 amIntroductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda (60k Word)
  • Review and approval of meeting minutes (110k PDF) for June 29, 2010
  • Reminder- RTF Meeting Dates for 2010 - September 28, November 2, December 7
  • Project & Subcommittee Updates
    >> Subcommittee recommendation (420k PowerPoint) on SBW proposal for Commercial Faucet Aerator Study
    >> Gas Use Study Update
  • EE Central Update
  • RTF Workplan for 2011
10:00 amPresentation (6mb Zip), Discussion, and “directional approval” of GrocerSmart 4.0 Software – Brian Owens and Jeremy Litow
11:30 amDeemed Measure (1mb PowerPoint) for Strip Curtains in Grocery Store Walk-in Coolers and Freezers – Eric Mullendore and Michele Friedrich
12:00 pmLUNCH
12:45 pmPresentation (updated 9/27/10, 650k PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on deemed measure updates for Residential Appliances – Ryan Firestone
2:15 pmBREAK
2:30 pmPresentation of Updated Residential Deemed Measures – Adam Hadley
3:30 pmPresentation (3mb PowerPoint), Discussion, and Decision on Energy Star New Homes Specs and Deemed Savings and Costs – David Baylon and Ben Larson [Note: This item was continued at a special webinar on August 25]
4:30 pmAdjourn
Tentative September 28th Agenda Items
  • Review of deemed savings for Dairy VFD’s – Carolyn Roos
  • Direct Use of Gas Study Update
  • Deemed Measure (2mb PowerPoint) for LED Lighting in Open Cases in Grocery Stores - PECI
    >> Attachment (2mb Excel)
  • VFD on HVAC Supply Fan in RTU on Grocery Stores - PECI
  • Controller for Walk-in Evaporator Fan ECM motors - PECI
  • Occupant sensor controller on shrink-wrap machines - PECI
  • Floating head pressure & electronic expansion valve on single refrigeration compressor systems - PECI
  • Evaporative air-precooler for refrigeration condensers - PECI
  • Linear fluorescent to LED in walk-ins - PECI