Implementers Group Implementers and Small/Rural Subcommittee

Heat pump technology has been evolving faster and faster in recent years and with the new federal funding the installation rate is expected to rise dramatically.  Here at the RTF, we will be updating all our heat pump measures over the next year and a half.  During these updates we will be reviewing and updating terminology, minimum requirements, and high efficiency options.  

We are planning to have a meeting in September with all implementers from large to small to discuss how to best integrate these changes into our measures so they work for you.  To have this discussion we are inviting you to an educational July meeting to learn about the changes occurring and the ramifications.  This is in preparation for the September meeting so you have time to think about how these changes might affect your programs.  In the end we hope this process will result in measures that are in line with RTF guidelines and work for your program.