RTF Implementers-Small-Rural Subcommittee Meeting RTF Implementers Group Subcommittee

Please join us for a discussion about air source heat pumps and regional utility programs.  This is the second part in a two part RTF implementers discussion.  The first part provided context for this discussion.  If you missed the first part or would like a reminder, you can find the presentation here.  We will have a recap of the July presentation including the key drivers of  savings to start out our discussion and then open the floor to all.  

Our end goal is to gather feedback from implementers of heat pump programs to use as context for our upcoming heat pump measure updates.  As a result, we would like your thoughts on: 

  • the potential to align RTF measures more closely to the drivers of savings
  • what you think would help you to achieve higher savings in your program
  • what you would add to your program
  • what you would like to remove from your program
  • what obstacles you run into with implementation
  • any other heat pump program perspectives you wish to share