The RTF is charged with conducting an annual survey on behalf of the Council to assess progress towards Power Plan conservation goals. The RTF seeks data from the region's utilities, the Bonneville Power Administration, Energy Trust of Oregon, and NEEA. The survey goes out every summer, with a goal of analyzing and publishing results in the fall. 

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2015 accomplishments and the Sixth Power Plan annual target

Memo/Presentation submitted to the Council

Utility programs across the Northwest, coupled with the efforts of Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), acquired 284 aMW of energy efficiency in 2015. The chart to the right shows how these reported savings stack up against the 2015 annual conservation target for energy savings laid out in the 6th Power Plan.

These 284 aMW off savings resulted in 498 MW of associated capacity savings in 2015. These efficiency savings and capacity savings are the result of over $440 million of investment on the part of the region's utility programs and NEEA.

Tracking savings over the multi-year Power Plan

Over the course of the first six-year period of the Sixth Power Plan (2010-2015), the region was able to save roughly 1,800 aMW of electricity from energy conservation efforts. The region's accomplishments include direct utility and NEEA program energy efficiency savings, savings from advancements in standards and codes, and savings from other market momentum. Taken together, these savings allowed the region to surpass its targets for the Sixth Power Plan.

Note that in the figure to the left, market momentum savings numbers are still draft. There was significant market momentum in lighting that, once captured, is likely to result in significant increases in reported market momentum.

NEEA as a significant source of savings

The work of NEEA continues to have a significant effect on energy efficiency achievements in the Northwest. The share of energy savings resulting from NEEA's efforts to transform markets, and improve standards and codes steadily increased throughout the Sixth Plan Action Plan period, nearing 1/3rd of total program reported savings by 2015. 

Continuing a history of conservation

Since 1978 the Northwest has acquired roughly 6,000 aMW of energy efficiency, making it the second largest power resource to the region, only behind hydro-electric generation. These energy savings were enough to save the region's electricity consumers around $4.06 billion in 2015 from avoided electricity costs. 

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