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The RTF is in the process of revising its standard protocol for non-residential lighting retrofits. The RTF reviewed and provided a head nod on the general direction at the September meeting. This included the overall framework, as well as the protocol eligibility and baseline approach. The Research and Evaluation subcommittee will be looking at the research component of this protocol at its next meeting. The outstanding pieces that we are seeking feedback on are related to those parameters deemed sufficiently reliable for ex ante estimates vs those that require additional research to develop reliable ex post estimates. Please review the materials below and provide comments by December 2.

Archived materials

 In February of 2012, the RTF contracted with ERS to develop a standard protocol for the estimation of site energy savings from non-residential lighting efficiency measures and calculator specifications providing the simplest reliable method for estimating those savings. The original statement of work and ERS project work plan are provided below.

Project Work Plan Statement of Work

The documentation below provides archived versions of the Non-Residential Lighting Retrofits Protocol and related documents.