Market Analysis Subcommittee: August 1, 2017 Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: March 8, 2018


This is the first meeting of the Market Analysis Subcommittee to engage with Bonneville on the development of their Residential Hot Water Market Model. The goals of the meeting are to get the subcommittee grounded in the planned research and to seek subcommittee feedback on the direction. Topics include:

  • Background and Context - Understanding of why Bonneville is developing a model for the residential water heating market
  • Overall Model Framework - Reminder of the framework for developing market models and calculating momentum savings
  • Model Scope and Approach - Discussion of model scope (including building types, fuel types) and of the model approach for calculating water heating energy
  • Model Technologies - Discussion of proposed technologies included within the market scope; this ranges from those that impact water heating efficiency (such as water heaters and pipe insulation) to those technologies that impact water loads (such as showerheads and aerators)
  • HVAC Interaction - Proposed approach for HVAC interaction
  • Discussion

Note: We may not have time to address all topics during the meeting itself. There will be an opportunity for the subcommittee to provide additional feedback after the call.

Meeting Materials

Background Materials

These materials are to provide a reminder of the fundamentals of the market analysis work.