Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: December 18, 2018 Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: Hot Water Model

The purpose of this meeting is the review BPA's Residential HVAC Market Model. 

Market Model and Documentation:

Key Questions:

  1. Is the methodology consistent with your understanding of what was previously presented and based on best available data?
  2. Do you have any suggestions for improvements or additional data sources that BPA might incorporate into future model updates?
  3. Do you have any high-level concerns about model sensitivities or uncertainty? 
  4. Are there additional scenarios that you would have liked to see?
  5. Are there any other sources of savings or market change in the residential HVAC sector that we did not include?
  6. Are there any things you were hoping to see/questions you were hoping to answer that BPA did not in the current model?
  7. In the model export tables, are the stock trends consistent with your understanding of the market?