Ideas for Future Work

For workbook version 3.1 the following discrepancies were found within the commercial analysis but do not need to be updated prior to the commercial measure sunset date. These are provided here for future reference.

  1. While 3,788 minutes/yr were approved for the ResShowerheads_v2_1 analysis and are used in the commercial analysis (Cell D27 of the "Comm-Usage" sheet) for the employee shower segment, the average residential flowrate in this workbook is 2,772 minutes/yr. This should be taken into account in any future iterations.
  2. Another discrepancy occurs in the in-situ adjustment of 1.75 and 1.5 GPM cases. For residential showerheads, these in-situ adjustments are 90% of nominal flow. For commercial, the in-situ flow is 100% of the nominal rating (Cells D7:D8 of the "Comm-FlowRates" sheet).
  3. The values in the "Comm-WaterCostAndEnergy" sheet are not consistent with the latest version of the SIW (2.6). However, they are consistent with the SIW version (1.3) that was active when the commercial measure was approved.
  4. The electric water heater efficiency used in Cell B11 of the "Comm-EnergyPerGallon" sheet is 98%, while the recovery efficiency used for the residential analysis is 100%. The 98% efficiency was approved for the commercial measure in 2013, but the RTF has since approved the residential measure with 100% electric resistance water heater efficiency.