RTF Non-Residential Lighting Subcommittee: October 24, 2018 Non-Residential Lighting Subcommittee Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to get subcommittee feedback on proposed changes to the Non-Residential Lighting Retrofits Standard Protocol. This protocol sunsets at the end of January, and the RTF will consider proposed updates at its January 23 meeting.


  • Review:
    • Standard Protocol framework
    • Method for defining Lighting Competition Groups
    • Current Lighting Retrofits Standard Protocol
  • Proposed updates:
    • Market data
    • Competition groups for current practice baseline
    • Efficacy
    • Additional products in calculator
    • Ballast factor for TLED Type A (lamp over ballast)
    • Fixture efficiency for large directional lamps
  • Seeking Subcommittee input on:
    • Updated data on controls savings fraction (CSF)
    • Usability of current lighting products taxonomy in Calculator
  • Discussion of demand response opportunities