Heat Pump Water Heater Subcommittee Meeting: March 8, 2012
9:30Introductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda

- Review and Approval of meeting minutes for May 22, 2007

- Set next meeting date (tentative date August 30, 2007)

9:45Updates - Charlie Grist

- Hotel/Motel room lighting occupancy sensors cost-effectiveness

- CFL persistence in walk-in coolers

- Vending machine research

10:30Presentation, Discussion & Potential Decisions Deemed Savings and Cost Effectiveness for a "Green Motors Management" program - Jeff Harris
11:15Presentation & Discussion & Decisions on Proposed Perspective Program for New Commercial Construction and Review of CEE Tier II Cost Data for Premium Efficiency HVAC Equipment - Charlie Grist
1:00Presentation and Discussion of Revisions to ProCost cost-effectiveness analysis model - Charlie Grist and Tom Eckman
1:30Presentation and Discussion of Proposed Research on Insulation "grading" in Energy Star new homes -  Brady Peeks/Bruce Manclark/Anne Brink
2:15Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Revised PTCS Heat Pump and Central Air Conditioner Sizing Calculator - Bruce Manclark/Tom Eckman
2:45Presentation, Discussion & Decision on Establishing Minimum Solar Heat Gain Coefficients for Class 30 Glazing - Tom Eckman/Dave Baylon
3:00Presentation, Discussion, & Potential Decisions on Revised Energy Star Fixture Savings and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis - Tom Eckman