RTF: Package Terminal Heat Pumps Discussion

This meeting is to present and solicit feedback on the technical details of potential measures for residential centrally ducted air source heat pump conversions from electric forced air furnaces.  The options to be presented will be informed by the February 23rd Implementer's meeting but will include one new measure option that removes electric resistance heat in the post case and screens home eligibility by home location combined with duct and home envelope condition.  This is a departure from previous centrally ducted heat pump measures which attempted to make a heat pump work within almost any home/duct condition and will instead attempt to determine which sub-section of the PNW housing stock offers conditions suitable for an installation with no backup electric resistance heat.  There will be discussions about proper sizing of a heat pump without electric resistance heat, minimum duct requirements for heat pumps, minimum home UA/weatherization criteria, and the use of REEDR to explore the boundaries of applicability of such a measure in the regional housing stock.