The ProCost model was developed to characterize the costs and benefits of conservation measures and programs so that they can be compared on an equal footing to other energy resource options including generation and other demand side resources. ProCost is used by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (Council) to develop the conservation supply curve used in the Power Plan analysis. ProCost is also used by the Council’s Regional Technical Forum (RTF) to evaluate the cost effectiveness of conservation measures using the assumptions of the Council’s current Power Plan. For some consumers of RTF work products, the Total Resource Cost Benefit Cost (TRC B/C) ratio is of primary importance. Additional organizations use ProCost and ProCost results and may rely on other output metrics. 

Current ProCost Files Upload Date Notes
ProCost Version 5.09 3/4/2024
  • More data fields in the "Shaped Savings" table: all benefit and cost components from the Electric Regional Perspective and the predominant electric savings shapes (for each measure application, this is the savings shape for the savings component with the most electric savings). Also added the ability to customize the name of the custom output sheet (the Planners use this custom output sheet, but the RTF does not).
  • Added in Savings Shapes (shapes plus details of the development of the shapes) from 2023 RTF measures.
  • Added instructions for how to specify "Base Case Cost at Start of Period 2" in the comment box for that field in the "Measure_InputOutput" sheet on the Measure Assessment Template.
  • Removed need for user to move the cell containing the text "LAST DATA COLUMN" if/when they add savings shapes to the Shapes table.
Measure Assessment Template v5.08              3/4/2024  
Current ProCost Supporting Files Upload Date Notes
ProCost User Guide Version 5 3/4/2024  
Excel Emulator v5.09 3/4/2024  
RTF Load and Savings Shapes v5.09 3/4/2024  
Marginal Cost and Other Parameters v5.09 3/4/2024  
ProCost File Archive Upload Date  Notes
ProCost Version 5.08 5/1/2023 Corrected "Bulk System T&D Credit ($/kw-yr)" from $3.61 to $3.54 and "Local System Dist Credit ($/kw-yr)($/hourlytherm-yr)" from $7.07 to $7.82 for the 2021 Power Plan cases.
ProCost Version 5.07 3/13/2023 Increased maximum program life to allow analysis out to the year 2130. Added savings shapes used in Energy-Free Stock Watering Tanks UES (A-Energy-Free water shape and A-Deicer shape). Updated MeasureTable fields for electric regional levelized cost and B/C ration to read "No electric savings" for gas only measures and for the gas regional values to read "No gas savings" for electric only measures. Previously, numeric values were shown in these fields in some cases.
ProCost Version 5.06 12/02/2022 Addition of gas fireplace savings shape and improvements to the code to recognize files from some cloud services that weren't recognized previously.
ProCost Version 5.05 07/25/2022  
ProCost Version 5.04 04/29/2022 ProCost engine and batch run file. Includes 2021 Power Plan assumptions and savings shapes.
ProCost Version 5.03 03/22/2022 2021 Power Plan assumptions
ProCost Version 5.02 02/16/2022  
ProCost Version 5.01 01/31/2022  
ProCost Version 4.0.07 02/2020 v4.x series was used for the 2021 Power Plan, not by the RTF. This revision was created for comparisons between v4 & v5
Procost Version 4. 0.06 03/2020  
Procost Version 4. 0.05 03/2020  
Procost Version 4. 0.04 11/2019  
Procost Version 4. 0.03 10/2019  
Procost Version 4. 0.02 08/2019  
ProCost Version 4.0.01 07/2019 v4.x series was used for the 2021 Power Plan, not by the RTF.
ProCost Version 3.1.06 10/2021  
ProCost Version 3.1.05 09/2021  
ProCost Version 3.1.04 01/2021  
ProCost Version 3.1.03 05/2020  
ProCost Version 3.1.02 05/2020  
ProCost Version 3.1.01 05/2020 v3.x series was used by the RTF prior to the release of the v5.x series. Gas conservation measure capabilities added for version 3.1.x.
ProCost Version 3.1.0 2/6/2017