2022 Annual Report

Every June the RTF publishes an annual report enumerating its accomplishments over the course of the previous year. In 2022, the RTF continued its central work of developing and maintaining conservation measures, including expanding the suite of heat pumps water heaters, creating a standard protocol for demand control kitchen ventilation, as well as improving on existing measures including residential lighting.

The RTF also worked to lay the groundwork for key directives from the 2021 Power Plan, including reviewing the rigor of RTF measures cost assumptions, and developing a method to value the benefit of energy efficiency for building resilience. A portion of the year was also focused on enhancing tools, including updating representative weather stations and mapping climate zones, exploring weather and climate data sets, and building a new residential modeling tool to account for demand response and energy efficiency. Looking beyond the unit energy savings measure, the RTF adopted guidance for residential behavior and approved a proposed scope for deep energy interventions in existing and new commercial whole buildings.

The full report is available here  2022 RTF Annual Report