Efficient Gas Rooftop Units

The RTF Staff and Contract Analyst Team would like to convene a meeting to discuss potential updates to the RTF Residential Gas Water Heaters UES measure. Although this measure does not sunset until April 2026, we would like to update the measure to reflect the new ENERGY STAR criteria (v5.0), which became effective in April 2023.

The new ENERGY STAR criteria are significantly more stringent than the previous version (v4.0) and exclude many models that are likely more efficient than the current practice.  Included in the models no longer qualifying for ENERGY STAR are the non-condensing, non-powered units which previously qualified for ENERGY STAR (v4.0) and are the only cost-effective storage products in our current measure.

We would like to discuss how to proceed with the measure update, including the possibility of adding measure applications for products that satisfy the previous ENERGY STAR criteria (v4.0) but not the current criteria (v5.0).  NEEA will be providing the RTF with updated market data and we will share preliminary results of the measure update if the market data is available in time.