Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: Residential Lighting Model Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting

This market analysis subcommittee meeting will be focused on BPA's non-residential lighting model. BPA, in conjunction with NEEA, recently completed its annual non-residential lighting distributor data collection effort. These data inform BPA’s non-residential lighting model and have also been used in the RTF’s measure development. Now that the data are in hand, BPA plans to present its extrapolation methodology and initial results. In this meeting, BPA is looking for feedback on the extrapolation approach and any additional insights into market trends. 


  • Background & Context: Outline strengths and weaknesses of the data
  • Data Collection Methodology: Describe data collection and methodology 
  • Data Gaps and Uncertainty: Present key sources of uncertainty and data gaps
  • Extrapolation Analysis: Summarize extrapolation approach
  • Summary of Results: Discuss high-level trends
  • Discussion and Recap: Any additional questions, comments, or suggestion 

Meeting Materials: