Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: November 9, 2017 Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: May 17, 2018

Presentation Meeting Notes

The purpose of this meeting is to get an overview of BPA's Outdoor Lighting Stock Assessment (OLSA). This work is intended to complement the RBSA and CBSA, with a focus on outdoor lighting that is not covered by those existing stock assessments. Given where they are in their project, BPA is seeking suggestions for refinement, ideas for improving the proposed approach, suggestions for data sources, and lessons learned from other research that can be applied. BPA is also seeking specific feedback on the following components of the plan:

  • Segments of Lighting Included: This was designed to avoid overlap with RBSA and CBSA. BPA is seeking input to inform whether important segments have been missed or other questions regarding coverage.
  • Sampling Approach: BPA is using "flux" to select census blocks for inclusion in the sample, which is based on the luminosity and area of the block. BPA is seeking comments, concerns, or refinements to this metric. BPA is also interested in feedback on the number of census blocks being proposed for the sample.
  • Data Sources: BPA is interested in any information on other data sources that might support this effort.