Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting: Non-Res Lighting Model Market Analysis Subcommittee Meeting

The proportion of the market an initiative has influenced is an important metric in tracking the progress of a market transformation initiative, and assessing that metric requires an understanding of the full size of the market. NEEA has traditionally purchased shipment data from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) to generate market-size estimates for many of the products covered in the RPP initiative. However, beginning in 2018, AHAM was no longer able to provide state-level shipment data for RPP products.

NEEA is working with Apex to replace this data with a regional sales model that NEEA can use on an ongoing basis. NEEA would like to review options with the subcommittee prior to moving forward on an approach.


  • Review Background and Objectives
  • Present Alternative Regional Demand Models
    • Discuss Strengths/Limitations
  • Review Next Steps and Follow-up Questions