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Small and Rural Utility RTF Technical Support Subcommittee

Background: Phase I - The RTF conducted a small and rural utilities technical support needs study to help determine what technical assistance the RTF, in coordination with  Bonneville and NEEA, could offer small and rural utilities to tailor their conservation initiatives to meet the unique circumstances of their service territories. The project kicked off in September 2010 and the final report was completed in January 2012.  For additional information, see phase I materials.

Phase II - At the January 17, 2012  RTF meeting, the RTF reviewed the staff response to the RTF-specific recommendations in Ecotope's report, identifying key RTF recommendations and actions to pursue in 2012.  The RTF designated the Small/Rural subcommittee the role of reviewing the recommendations and developing a prioritized work plan for the RTF each year.  The RTF’s S/R subcommittee remains focused on the technical issues and recommendations.

Small/Rural Subcommittee Focus Going Forward

Subcommittee Documents:

>> Final UES Measure Design Checklist
>> Commercial Schools Measures - Statement of Work (awarded to PECI)
>> RTF Response to Recommendations in Final Report
>> Final Contractor Report - 1/19/12 (3mb PDF, updated from 1/9/12)