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(none)Measures without a Category have not been approved by the RTF, but they are listed here because they have been considered by the RTF.
PlanningUpon request, the RTF will consider the proposed planning measure and formulate a consensus opinion on the likely UES values. This process is intended to promote consistent treatment of these measures throughout the region. The RTF will also review and comment on any proposed research design for collecting data needed to support Provisional or Proven UES values. The review will only be provided if the section 3.2.1 UES quality criteria for Planning measures are satisfied. Measure specifications (section 2) and the information described in the Guidleines for UES measures must be provided before this review can commence.
ProvenMeasures can obtain approval for Proven status if the section 3.2.3 UES quality criteria for Proven measures are satisfied. Sunset criteria will be assigned by the RTF along with a plan for data collection and analysis that allows the UES estimate to be reviewed and updated in a timely fashion.
ProvisionalMeasures can obtain Provisional approval if the section 3.2.2 UES quality criteria for Provisional measures are satisfied. In addition, it must be possible during the provisional period to obtain the data and analyses needed to meet the Proven quality criteria (3.2.3). The data and analyses may come from programs delivering the measure or from other studies. The plan for completing the necessary data collection and analyses must be approved along with the provisional UES estimates. In addition, sunset criteria must be adopted that are consistent with the plan. For measures that require long periods to collect and analyze baseline and efficient case data, the plan should include staged analyses so that early experience with deployment, baseline conditions, and measure performance can be used to adjust the sunset criteria.
Small SaverThe RTF may determine that the likely savings from a measure are too small to warrant the resources needed to meet the section 3.2 UES quality criteria for Provisional or Proven status. In making this determination, the RTF will consider the size of the regional end use that is affected by the measure or the magnitude of the likely savings. Measure specifications (section 2) and the information described above for the proposed stage is required for small savers and must be provided before the RTF can designate a measure as a small saver. For small savers, the RTF may choose to convene an expert panel to consider the proposed measure and to formulate a consensus opinion on the likely UES values. This process is intended to promote consistent treatment of these measures throughout the region.
(none)The RTF has not set a status for these measures either because they have not been assigned a category or because they were deactivated prior to receiving a status.
(Under review for compliance w/ RTF Guidelines)These measures' energy savings were "deemed" by the RTF prior to operating under the new RTF Guidelines. The RTF plans to review these measures under the Guidelines by the end of 2012. During this transition period, the RTF intends for these measures to continue to be considered "RTF-approved."
ActiveThese measures have received approval by the RTF and have no other associated review pending.
CombinedArchived because combined with another measure; click for details
DeactivatedIf the sunset criteria are met, and the new or revised UES estimates have not been approved, the RTF will deactivate the measure. This means that the UES estimates are no longer approved by the RTF. The RTF may decide to deactivate a measure before the sunset criteria is satisfied based on unanticipated factors, such as the adoption of new energy codes or the release of study results with findings that invalidate the UES values or the procedures for estimating those values.
MergedMeasures merged into another measure, see Note field for details
Out-of-complianceThe RTF may determine that measures approved prior to the adoption of these guidelines do not comply with one or more requirements of these guidelines. The UES estimates for these measures will continue to be "RTF-Approved" if a plan for bringing the measure into compliance is approved by the RTF within one year following the RTF determination that the measure is out-of-compliance. If no plan is approved within one year, the measure will be de-activated. The RTF intends that all out-of-compliance measures will be reclassified, i.e., become a standard protocol or be placed in one of the UES measure development stages of small saver, planning, provisional, de-activated or active, as soon as possible, but no later than five years following the adoption of these guidelines.
Under ReviewAt any time prior to the sunset criteria being met, the RTF may decide to place a measure under review. This may be the result of a review of the UES savings estimation procedure or the availability of new sources of information for baseline or efficient-case consumption. The UES values will remain "RTF-Approved" while the measure is under review. As a result of the review, the UES values may be re-estimated and the measure sunset criteria revised.

Residential: Heating/Cooling - Electronic Thermostats

Sunset date2019-04-30

Measure workbook (show/hide history)

VersionNoteCategory (?)Status (?)Decision date
7/14/2016 v3.1 QC Complete. Converted to 7Plan format and assumptions.PlanningActive4/19/2016
4/29/2016 v3 Currently Undergoing QCPlanningActive4/19/2016
1/4/2016 2.1 Delivery verification checklist addedProvenActive11/10/2015
7/12/2011 2.0 Updated as per recommendation memo.ProvenActive5/3/2011

Research plan (show/hide history)

7/8/2016 Research Strategy (Retail)
7/8/2016 Research Strategy (Primary)

Technical specifications

7/12/2011 v2.0

Small/rural checklist

4/29/2016 Small/Rural Utility UES Measure Design Checklist

Recommendation memos

12/2/2010 The status of this measure should be changed to Under Review.

RTF decisions

Decision (show decision details)

'"Make the proposed changes and additions to the Residential Line Voltage Electronic Thermostat Measure, including: •Update measure specifications •Update measure savings •Adopt the proposed Research Strategies ---Modified to understand where retail-sold thermostats land (DHP, zonal, SF, MF, commercial) ---Also understand what type of thermostat they're replacing •Change the Category to 'Planning' •Keep the Status at 'Active' •Set the sunset date to April 2019 •Develop a retail planning measure: Use SF savings for retail applications, derated 10% to account for DHP installations."

Measure category changed: From "Proven" to "Planning"

Measure status unchanged

Energy savings changed

Cost effectiveness unchanged

Specifications/Eligibility changed

Other comments: Sunset Date changed to 4/30/2019


Adopt the delivery verification guidance as presented for the following measures: • Com Grocery – Display Case LEDs (Open Cases) • Com Grocery – Display Case Motion Sensors • Com Grocery – Floating Head Pressure Controls for Single Compressor Systems • Com Grocery – Strip Curtains • Com Grocery – Walk-in Evaporator Fan EC Motor Controllers • Com Grocery – Compressor Head Fan Motor Retrofit to EC Motor • Com Smart Plug Power Strips • Com Traffic Signals – LED Traffic Signals • Res Heating/Cooling – Electronic Thermostats • Res Heating/Cooling – Ground Source Heat Pump Upgrades • Res Lighting – High Performance T8 Lamps (4 foot and 8 foot).

(No changes to status, energy savings, cost effectiveness or specifications.)


Approved UES values and costs for the line voltage thermostat measure. This is approved as an active measure.

Measure category unchanged

Measure status changed: This measure is returned to active status.

Energy savings changed: A slight reduction in savings resulted from changes to the SEEM model.

Cost effectiveness changed

Specifications/Eligibility changed: Clarified that only line-voltage thermostats are eligible.


The RTF moved the status of this measure to "under review."

(No changes to status, energy savings, cost effectiveness or specifications.)