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Residential Weatherization and Ventilation

The Council contracted with PECI to coordinate updates for the Residential Weatherization and Ventilation Specifications. This subcommittee has since been concluded. Please contact RTF Manager, Jennifer Light (jlight@nwcouncil.org) for more information.

8/30/11 - The residential weatherization subcommittee of the RTF has reviewed utility program weatherization requirements, changes in state energy codes, objectives of the Council's Sixth Power Plan and residential weatherization best practices.  The RTF approved changes to the technical specifications for the regional residential weatherization efficiency measures, proposed by the subcommittee in August 2011.

>> 8/30/11 Final RTF-Approved Weatherization Specifications (250k PDF) | View all comments submitted

2/24/12 - The new specifications now require detailed prescriptive air sealing to accompany installation of individual weatherization measures (e.g. floors, wall, and attic insulation, and window upgrades and retrofits).  No empirical data currently exist in the region to indicate how air sealing with individual weatherization measures impacts infiltration and ventilation. This exploratory data collection plan is the first phase in assessing potential changes in blower door cubic feet per minute (CFM) 50 test results and ventilation impacts to determine if detailed research to explore the impact is indicated.

>> RTF-Approved Research Data Collection Plan (90k Word)

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